About Nisa Foundation

Muslim Women Transforming Communities

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A world in which all women and families live with dignity and justice, and where women's empowerment fuels thriving communities.


Transform communities by engaging, equipping, and enriching the lives of women and children to reach their full potential.


Justice & Equity(Adl)

Upholding the principles of fairness and justice for all, an ethos deeply embedded in both Canadian and Islamic traditions.


Fostering a sense of belonging and unity, valuing the strength that comes from collective collaboration and mutual support.

Respect & Dignity(Karamah)

Treating every individual with the respect they deserve, recognizing the inherent worth of every human being.

Compassion & Mercy(Rahmah)

Exhibiting compassion and kindness in our interactions, echoing the Canadian spirit of empathy and the Islamic emphasis on mercy.

Stewardship & Responsibility(Amanah)

Acting responsibly and ensuring the welfare of our community, land, and environment, resonating with both Canadian values of preservation and Islamic teachings of stewardship.


Ensuring excellence in everything we do is the core of our work ethic.

Our Team

Yasmine Youssef

Executive Director

Shiba Anjum

Director of Programs

Shaheen Auckbaraullee

Program Director, Nisa Helpline

Syma Nehal

Program Director, Nisa Homes

Our History

Nisa Foundation, a registered charity since 2019, started as Nisa Helpline in 2014 with the goal of supporting women and girls in overcoming any and all of life's challenges. Built by a group of dedicated Muslim women who personal experiences through all walks of life, saw the need and the gap, and took it upon themselves to do something about it.

In 2023, Nisa Foundation welcomed Nisa Homes, previously a project of the National Zakat Foundation, under its umbrella. Similar to Nisa Helpline, Nisa Homes was born out of a need to not only provide safe shelters for women & children due to the huge demand, but to also address the bigger need of providing culturally responsive shelters for marginalized women & children. This includes women of color, Muslim women, immigrants, refugees and those without status.

Bringing the two projects together allows us to create a stronger and more efficient system aimed at transforming the lives of every woman who reaches out to us. It also allows us to continue exploring the other services and programs these women and children require as we continue building strong, stable and safe communities. At Nisa Foundation, we envision communities transformed by the power and potential of women. When women succeed, we all do. They are a driving force towards healthier homes, children, families, and communities.

Nisa Homes

Nisa Homes isn't just a shelter; it's a sanctuary. Rooted in justice, respect, and compassion, we provide Muslim women and children a safe haven from adversities, offering them tools and opportunities for self-development. We believe that by uplifting women in their most vulnerable moments, we're not just changing individual lives, but shaping brighter futures for communities.

Nisa Helpline

When a Muslim woman finds herself in a crisis, Nisa Helpline is her lifeline. Our helpline isn't just about immediate counsel—it's a beacon of hope, trust, and responsibility. Every call is answered with respect and compassion, ensuring that no voice goes unheard, no concern overlooked. Through each conversation, we pave the way for healing, growth, and resilience.