Sponsor Her Journey

Empowering Women and Families Through Community Support

Sponsor Her Journey isn’t just a sponsorship program; it's an investment into rebuilding the lives of women and children right here in our community.

Witness the ripple effect across their families and our community.

By becoming a sponsor, you play a crucial role in providing the necessary resources and services needed for these resilient women to become independent & self-sufficient, inshAllah!

Choose Your Sponsorship

Select the level of sponsorship that aligns with your capacity and commitment to making a difference.
Our sponsorship options include:


Sponsor a woman

Cover the essentials like food, shelter and basic items and support the journey of a woman in distress for 6 months.


Sponsor a woman
and her two kids

Cover the essentials like food, shelter and basic items and support the journey of a woman in distress for 6 months.

The sponsorship with span the time of 6 months and can be paid as a one-time donation or set up as a monthly donation.

what your sponsorship covers?

Your sponsorship goes beyond financial assistance; it directly contributes to creating a supportive environment for women in transition.

The Journey of Empowerment

Your sponsorship covers the critical stages of a woman's journey to independence: 

Call to Nisa Helpline

Women in distress find support by reaching out to the Nisa Helpline, initiating a lifeline towards positive change. 

Stay at Nisa Homes
(3 Months):

Sponsored women move to Nisa Homes, where they receive safe shelter and nurturing support for the initial 3 months. 

Skill Development and Independence:

During their stay at Nisa Homes, women undergo skill-building programs, fostering independence. Caseworkers provide guidance to help them secure housing, employment, or pursue education based on their goals. 

Childcare and Mental Health Support:

Our comprehensive program extends support to childcare and mental health within the home, creating a holistic environment for recovery and growth. 

Post-Nisa Homes Support
(3 Months):

After leaving Nisa Homes, our remote casework program remains actively involved, providing support for an additional 3 months to ensure a smooth transition into their newfound independence.

Your Impact in Action

Safe Shelter

Ensure a secure and comfortable living environment for women in need.

Empowerment Programs

Support access to educational and skill-building programs that pave the way for independence.

Mental Health Support

Provide counselling services to address the emotional well-being of sponsored women.

Vocational Training

Equip women with the skills and resources necessary for long-term financial independence.

Impact Updates

As a valued sponsor, you will receive regular updates on the impact of your donation:

Personal Connection

Get insights into the progress and achievements of the woman and family you are sponsoring.

Stories of Transformation

Hear inspiring stories that showcase the real and positive changes happening in their lives.

For any inquiries or additional details about the Sponsor Her Journey Program, please contact us at donorcare@nisafoundation.ca