Muslim Women Transforming Communities

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A safe haven for Muslim women & children where help is available, shelter is attainable, and healing is possible

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A free, confidential, anonymous helpline for Muslim women across North America

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Supporting women is vital to the success of our community

Donate $50 a month to support and protect every woman and child in our community

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Empowering her with the care she deserves.  

Safe shelter for women
and children

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Support is a
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Empowering Women, Transforming Lives

When women are empowered and supported, the entire community benefits & flourishes. These women go onto build healthy homes, strong communities, and inspire future generations.

Our mission isn't just to provide immediate support, shelters or counselling; it's about building futures and fostering communities where women's empowerment is a driving force.

Our Mission

Transform communities by engaging, equipping, and enriching the lives of women and children to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

A world in which all women and families live with dignity and justice, and where women's empowerment fuels thriving communities.

Together, we can save lives, empower survivors, and foster a community that values the well-being and resilience of women.

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    Working with our community members and organizations to reach vulnerable women & children.


    Beyond shelter & counselling, we aim to provide vital resources to help women & children thrive.


    Help her confidently grow, take control of her life and transform her community.