Zakat Policy

Our Zakat Policy

Nisa Homes Zakat Policy

Who does Nisa Homes serve?

Women with their accompanying children who are fleeing domestic violence, homeless or at risk of homelessness, refugees, newcomers, or non-status.

How do we determine Zakat eligibility?

A Zakat assessment is conducted upon move in of the client and is based on the National Zakat Foundation assessment process. This assessment includes:

Zakat Eligible Clients – Below Nisaab level:

Nisa Homes will provide the following financial assistance based on client needs:


Clients will sign an agreement giving consent to Nisa Foundation to provide them Zakat through services and residence at Nisa Homes instead of direct cash/fund transfers.

They will be informed when applying to Nisa Homes that we will conduct a financial assessment to see if they are Zakat eligible and will be required to sign the agreement if they wish to receive services.

Once they are deemed eligible for the program itself (in-home or remote), they will then sign the official and detailed agreement.

Non-Zakat Eligible Clients – Above Nisaab Level:

What are the program costs per home?

a. Rent

b. Utilities

c. Security System

d. Staff

e. Food

f. Transportation (ie. Bus/train tickets or pass)

g. Gift cards

h. Household supplies (ex. Tissue, toys, furniture, cleaning supplies etc.)

i. Household maintenance (fixing anything broken etc.)

j. Proportional HQ cost per location

Nisa Helpline Zakat Policy

What does Nisa Helpline do?

It offers free, anonymous and confidential helpline available 12 hours a day and hired Peer to Peer counsellors provide the assistance.

What is Nisa Helpline’s Mental Health Counselling service?

a. Offers up to 5 free online sessions with a licensed therapist.

b. Clients wishing to receive this assistance will be required to undergo the same financial assessment process as Nisa Homes clients.

Tamleek: Clients will sign an agreement authorizing Nisa Foundation to use their Zakat to pay for their counselling sessions.

The costs covered are:

c. Non-Zakat eligible clients will have sessions paid through grants and/or sadaqah

Sharia'ah Advisory Board

Mufti Taha Masood
Shaykh Hacene Chebbani
Imam Nabil Khan
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