Aid for Canadian-Palestinians Returning from Gaza

Help them restart their lives

The ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Gaza has taken a devastating toll on the civilian population; particularly women, children, and the elderly. In these difficult times, many Canadians and families of those in Canada, are facing unimaginable horrors in Gaza right now.

A group of Muslim charities, Nisa Foundation, NCCM, National Zakat Foundation, Islamic Relief Canada, Penny Appeal, ICNA Relief, HCI and IDRF have come together to support these evacuees to come back to Canada, restart their lives, find safety, and ultimately thrive. If you know someone who needs assistance returning from Gaza, please contact us at  
As of March 5th, 2024, we have spent $876,069.91 to support 320 Palestinians resettling in Canada. We anticipate the number to rise, as more families are being accepted through the family reunification program and need assistance with settling. This support covers essential needs such as rent, clothing, food, furniture, and medication. Furthermore, Nisa Foundation assigns a dedicated caseworker to each family to create a personalized plan to address their specific needs.

Immediate assistance

Find Housing

Financial assistance

Apply for health cards, work permits, school etc.

Find employment

Connect with the community

How we are helping

As of March 5th, 2024, we have spent $876,069.91 on supporting 320 Palestinian Canadians from Gaza resettling back in Canada. This includes necessities including rent, clothing, food, furniture, and medication. Additionally, Nisa Foundation assigns a caseworker to each family to develop a customized plan to meet their needs.

This includes:
  • Immediate assistance
  • Finding housing
  • Financial assistance: rent payment and gift cards
  • Applying for health cards, work permits, school etc.
  • Finding employment
  • Connecting to the community
You can also be part of this project if you know of rental or employment opportunities or can offer one yourself.

Your Support Means Everything

Your generosity can make a world of difference for Canadian Palestinians returning from Gaza as well as family members reuniting in safety here in Canada. Together, we can offer them a fresh start and a safe and prosperous future, where they can be part of the change both locally and globally.


The Process: Supporting Evacuees on Their Journey Home

Here's how your support is instrumental in guiding them through their journey:
  • Step 1: Initial Assessment and Support

    Your donations initiate the process by facilitating initial assessments and support for evacuees. This includes understanding their financial needs and assisting with welfare or disability support program applications. This step ensures they have the resources to begin rebuilding their lives.

  • Step 2: Preparing for the Move

    As evacuees prepare to move, your support helps in setting up essential bank accounts and communication services. This enables them to secure suitable housing arrangements and covers upfront expenses, easing their transition back home.

  • Step 3: Assisting in Settlement

    In step 3, evacuees receive ongoing assistance as they settle into their new home, from providing access to education and employment opportunities to facilitating connections with local resources.

  • Step 4: Empowering for the Future

    In the final phase of the process, evacuees are empowered to build a sustainable future for themselves and their families. We enable them to explore employment opportunities, create long-term financial plans, and thrive in their new environment.

Your Impact:

By supporting our efforts, you become an essential part of the journey for evacuees returning from Gaza. Your generosity and compassion make a tangible difference, providing hope and stability as they rebuild their lives in Canada.

A Simple Request for Privacy

The families have asked us to keep their return as private as possible.  It's been tough for them, and they just want to come home quietly.  So, let's respect their wish for privacy.


“Alhamdulillah things are starting to get better for us and we pray to Allah SWT that everything becomes stable soon inshaAllah. All of this is because of Allah SWT first and your support for us second. You have been our family and our siblings after we left our homes.”
“All of you are like my siblings now. I will never forget what you’ve done for us.”
“The rent payment was received, thank you so much. You made my family so happy.”
“I swear I can’t believe that there are such kind people like yourselves. May Allah SWT protect you.”

our patners

Smile Canada, Muslim Legal Support Centre, Third Pillar,
Canadian Palestinian Professional Foundation